Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pool Decisions

I talked with our pool people and we are on the list.  They have a lot of people with bigger problems because of the flooding.  Some pools totally failed. He told me to go ahead and keep adding water to blue it up even though we don't know where the water is going so that is what we are doing.

My husband and I also decided to add extra security.  We will have all our kids swimming before too long but then the grandchildren are going to keep coming. Not sure what that number will get to! The most common is a fence. That will probably be what we do however my husband has always wanted a total enclosure. We are looking at that option first.  Enclosures are not that popular around here. However, mosquitoes are!  You get eaten alive here sitting out back and even swimming. Also, the pool would be easier to maintain and from what I read it does cut out some of the sun which is important for our red heads. It would be nice if it cut some of the noise for our neighbor who still complains to the kids, he just doesn't threaten bodily harm.

But I don't know if it is even feasible.  Our pool is not rectangular in shape.  It sure would be a huge structure in our yard, which doesn't really bother me since we still have a big play area.

We don't have any neighbors with covered pools so I am curious, anyone out there have a covered pool?  If so, would recommend it or not?

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  1. Our pool is screened in, as is the norm here in Florida. We absolutely love it. But...it is extremely expensive. It's expensive to build and expensive to repair.