Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bathroom Overhaul

I have been ignoring the bathroom upstairs. There is a good reason why, it is a mess.  The wallpaper border is coming off and is very much outdated. I don't know why the light is missing the cover or why a hanger is hanging from the ceiling.

Even the shower curtain rod is rusting.  Seems like the shower curtain rod shouldn't rust. It is made to be in the shower, isn't it?

I am starting at the top and working my way down.  Today I stripped the border and removed the popcorn from the ceiling.

I also removed the wad of toilet paper that was stuck on the ceiling.

I had lots of "help" and made a huge mess.  The popcorn was easy to remove and the border was too. I just sprayed warm water on both and waited a few minutes to remove.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some repairs to the walls and sanding.  This is going to be a slow process since I have no spare time to do this project.

Anyone else doing home improvements that never seem to end?


  1. Well...Kind of and kind of not. My house is 105 years old so that really says it all. I started reading your blog this summer and I'm exhausted just seeing everything you are doing and at the same time completely amazed at the transformations. (Do you ever rest? LOL!) Did some cosmetic work last year, this year (and the year is almost over) not so much. Hopefully in the next six months: New kitchen floor, upstairs bathroom floor, downstairs bathroom ceiling, and some painting in the bedrooms. So much to do in this house, and so little money to put towards it. I still love my old house over buying a newer one though. Sometimes I "window shop" online at other homes and I still will take mine, warts and all. : )

  2. My house seems to be perpetually stuck in remodel mode!! I am not as handy as you are! My husband travels for work, so he works on things when he is home. Maybe one day it will all be done!