Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Mean Girls

Every year the week before Halloween Larissa's dance school encourages the dancers to dress up for class. Larissa dressed in one of Tasha's old skirts (I made it about 14 years ago for her). It was simple and available.  Saturday they are dancing at a festival to the Monster Mash and she has a totally different costume in mind.  I didn't want to paint her face today so went with the simple.

We took some pictures before she headed to class.  She was happy to be wearing Tasha's outfit.

After class she told me that some girls made fun of her outfit.  She said that she almost cried but stopped.  The worst was a girl dressed in a store bought Frozen costume.

I just don't understand the need to be mean.  Larissa is not mean to them.  I know that it isn't a racial thing because they pick on another girl in the class who is white.  Oh, and the girls parents are very active in their church.  I know one of the mothers casually. she would be horrified if she knew of some of the things that my daughter tells me she does to other kids. Why do these kids find it necessary to steal her joy? Breaks my heart to watch it.

I typically don't go buy store bought costumes.  I did buy Emma some for Christmas because she really loves the costumes.  If I do get ready made costumes it is second hand.  I guess I am cheap, I can't see spending a small fortune for enough costumes for all my kids to wear for one night.

But, we also enjoy getting creative. We are still working on Larissa's costume.  So far we have a dress that has gotten too small for her and her batman tutu from last year that I made. We spent a long time on the computer tonight looking at face paintings to get exactly what she wants.  I need to get into my shop to see if I have the flowers that I need for her hair.  If not, flowers will be my biggest expense. We are going to have fun with it.

Sitting with me and creating her desired costume brought back her joy.  However, I tire of the mean girls.  They drove Sarah out of high school. She still talks about some of the things that they did to her.  The damage that these kids do lasts for a long time, the hurt from their words and actions don't just go away when they grow up. I don't see this problem getting any better.  Actually it is getting worse.  So many kids aren't taught to respect anyone. Respect, that is another post brewing on my mind lately so I will save that rant for another day.

In the mean time, be kind to one another.


  1. That makes me sad... I was once the girl people made fun of also.. So it does my heart good to see my own daughter (age 3) in her first year of dance, playing with all the little girls and 1 boy in her class, I love that she actually tries to bring everyone into their group, tries to bring the shy kids in, the girls just standing on the tries so hard to include everyone.. i hope she continues this for all her school years and beyond.. I hope those mean girls wisen up they may be missing a great friend just by being mean to someone.

  2. It breaks my heart that someone would be cruel and remove that smile from Larissa's face. I love her outfit, and I'm like you store bought doesn't allow a child and/or parent to be creative. The memories of making that outfit last longer then the outfit. Bless you for sharing your creativity with the kids. And teaching them love and kindness and how to be respectful the next generation will need their guidance.

  3. Your Larissa is so adorable! Hand made costumes are the absolute best, last so much longer, and are treasured forever.

    Our society as a whole seems so mean these days. It is a wise and wonderful mom who can shoulder the tears and turn them into sparkling smiles.