Saturday, October 24, 2015


We decided to make ghosts today for art. Emma enjoyed the feel of the starch. She is wearing Halloween face paint, she does not have a black eye.

Larissa does not enjoy the feel of the starch.  She seems to have an aversion to many squishy feeling things.  She is not big on pumpkin carving.  She has never liked getting wet or dirty.

We pulled the books out of the girls room and put them back in the bookcases.  I didn't realize that they had accumulated so many.  We have hundreds of books in our home for kids of all ages.

Larissa painted Benjamin as an old man.  She says those lines on his forehead are wrinkles.  He enjoys playing with her even when she is painting his face, dressing him in dresses, putting his hair up and any other girly thing she can think of.

This evening Larissa and I picked Sarah up from college and went to see a movie together.  Sarah is spending the weekend at home.  She has been stressing over her classes and needs a break.

It was a nice Friday but by far my biggest accomplishment of the day was getting a shower before noon.  How was your day?  Anyone have big plans for the weekend?


  1. My plan for today involved not changing out of my PJs if I could help it! haha! But then our girl called and asked if we would like to meet her and her new boyfriend at the Goosbumps movie tonight. We all thought she'd be living with us by now, but still not. We got to do our fingerprints on Wednesday for the third time because the previous set (that we had to have done a second time because the state LOST the first set) have expired....

    1. The state acts like they want to get these kids homes and then they take forever to get people certified! So frustrating.