Wednesday, September 30, 2015

:Potty Training in Relaxed Mode or Pee Happens

After many kids I have learned one thing about potty training, they do better when it is their idea.  I would rather have the child be potty trained than me trained to take the kid to the potty.

Benjamin is showing huge signs that he is getting ready.

He occasionally wants to wear panties.

Sometimes I find him sitting on the potty (he has a diaper on). He is getting real close. At this point he will push his diaper to the side and pee on the ground. That is a new one for me!

Problem I have is I am not ready for it.  At this point he is just as happy to play in the toilet as pee in it.  He refuses to use any children potties, he wants the real thing.  He also likes to play in the water and put entire rolls of toilet paper in there.

He is also very fast.  In the time I went to check on my mom he took his diaper off, peed on the bathroom floor, got in the sink to wash his feet and flooded the bathroom.

So right now we are doing it the relaxed way.  If we see him pulling at his diaper we take him to the potty using the appropriate words.  He will tell me after the fact, we are looking for some before the fact warning.

Anyone else in the middle of potty training?  How do you tell it is time to start?


  1. Good start. With J I just left her naked and after she peed on the floor a couple of times, she got the point.

  2. Not looking forward to that stage but at least we have time because we are in such a delayed schedule. B keeps you running that's for sure

  3. We sre in the middle of toilet training at the moment. Our little man is nearky 4 but hsd a very roygh start to life (28 weeker and onky weighed 750 gms) He us mire than ready but very resistant and trues every trick he can to get back in a nappy. We need to do it or he will be 18 and still not toilet trained. Oh the joys of fostering!