Sunday, October 4, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have water starting to pool around our yard.  Thankfully it is not of the septic tank yet.

Tasha has had a small dam burst near her but thankfully she is on a hill.  Kassi attempted to come to our house but her car died.  Telling all my kids ot stay in place. It is bad in Columbia with lots of flooding.

We have a leaking roof.  Seems like it has leaked ever since we got a new roof a few years ago.  They came once and "fixed" it but the leak has never stopped.

Larissa was asking me why her computer screen was changing.  We were sitting across the room and noticed the changing screen.  It has a touch screen and as the drops were hitting it the screen was changing.  I hope that there isn't any damage since it is a new computer.

It is all annoying for us.  For us the damage isn't bad.  However, for some families it is catastrophic. They have lost everything. Many of the families affected do not have flood insurance.  Areas have flooded that have never had a probem before.  Roads, bridges and dams are failing.   Businesses are closed today.   School is closed for tomorrow. For this state it will be a long recovery.  We are praying for all those affected and are looking for sunny skies.

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  1. When I finally caught up on news this morning I immediately came here to check on you all. So glad to see things are mostly OK for you. Praying it stays that way for you and all your chicks.