Thursday, October 8, 2015


Today it was announced that the kids will not have school the rest of the week.  They are still working on transportation and road issues. I need to find them a Halloween project to work on, this unexpected vacation is driving me crazy!

My husband was also told that he will not be working tomorrow.  He went to Columbia today to work with a church on mud outs and said that there are a lot of people helping.  The willingness of others to help at this time is fantastic. There was some fear that there would be elements of society that would take advantage of the situation.  There have been thefts on a small scale but not massive riots and burning of buildings. Seems like in times of disaster you have either others reaching out and helping and others looking to take advantage. Since he is off he will be working in Columbia again. Not sure if he will be working Friday or not.

As things are settling I am turning my thoughts back to our adoption.  We still wait for the GAL to visit. We haven't even heard from him (even before the flooding).  I hope to hear from him next week.  We want his to be done and for Benjamin to be ours.  Watching all those people being displaced makes me wonder if any foster parents were flooded out.  If so what happens to the foster children?  Do they move them because they are in a shelter?  What if their plan is adoption?  I really don't know, I would hope that they don't disrupt unless the foster family asks because they can't cope. I just makes me more aware that until we are in court and finalized anything can happen.

I started this post last night and then went up to paint the bathroom.  I stopped painting at 3 am but forgot to finish this up!  Lack of sleep will do that for you.  Benjamin took a long nap yesterday so he went to bed later than usual.  He slept in until after 9 am today, the extra sleep sure was nice.

Today I hope to finish painting the bathroom and work more on the floor.  I also need to find something for the kids to do.  Any suggestions for Halloween decorations for kids with lots of time on their hands?


  1. You can always learn about real mummies by mummifying a chicken - you do need a whole chicken and a LOT of salt for that. But it takes a while!

  2. Go through CGG to Me:The Quiz Book. Lots of activities in there. Also in JFM: My Family.
    I would hope they leave the foster kids. After all, dealing with crises is part of being in a family.
    We have had our (7 year outdated) home study sent for a 12 year old in another county. It was actually a lady in an adjoining county who I know that sent it for us, not our own county! Prayers please! You know there is little hope with a 2008 home study! Ty had just turned 18 the week it was done!

  3. What about paper mache didn't the kids want to do more of it over the summer or did you guys already do that