Monday, October 5, 2015

Still Processing

We are still processing here in South Carolina.  We have had rain off and on for most of the day but mostly it is leaving our area.  However, lakes and creeks continue to crest.  There have been several dam breaks today causing more damage.

Down the road from us someone died as the road they were driving on collapsed under them. Sometimes you can't see the damage from above the road as the water is eating away at it from underneath.  That was the road that my kids go down to go to school. There is no school tomorrow and John will not be back to work until at least Thursday.  A big dam burst at Ft Jackson causing a lot of damage at Ft Jackson and the surrounding area as well outside of the fort.

I have been watching my adult kids from afar.  Joselin had been spending a good part of her weeks here and then visiting with her boyfriend in Columbia.  She happened to be in Columbia over the weekend.  Central Columbia, where a lot of flooding has happened.  They have food but were in search of water.  Columbia does not have water at this time in large areas to include the hospitals. They do not have a car and couldn't get around if they did. I couldn't go and get her if I wanted to.

Tasha is on the other side of Columbia surrounded by broken dams.  Her baby went to the doctor on Thursday with an ear infection and was put on an antibiotic.  Yesterday she broke out in a terrible rash.  They stopped the medication and gave her benadryl.  Tasha was able to talk with a nurse today but has no way to get her a different medication.  We are hoping to get something tomorrow.  Tasha's husband was supposed to go to Charleston this week to train for a new job.  He obviously isn't going to that and we aren't sure how they will fare without his income.  Tasha is not sure when she will get back to college. Since they are surrounded by so much flooding she contemplated coming to our house however she couldn't find a route that was open.  I major river separates us.

Sarah is at college.  They don't have classes and they are staying put.  She is eating at the campus. She said that they didn't realize that they should have been boiling the water. They have all been drinking it.  She does not have any bottled water, seems like the college needs to get some.

Kassi is safe in town and is doing fine, however her car is not.  She flooded it yesterday and got it towed home today.  It doesn't look good and we can't afford to buy her a new one. Her boyfriend has a job close enough to where they live that he could walk if necessary.  Her job is not so close, walking is not an option for her.

We couldn't find Jason.  His dad and I both were calling him and searching for him.  Finally we messaged some friends and he called me.  His phone had died.  He is doing fine.

I have put my kids at home to work.  Today they worked on cleaning their rooms and decluttering. We will continue tomorrow, I have to keep them busy.

The kids don't really comprehend what damage the flooding has done to our state.  In some ways I don't either.  It is just hard to comprehend.  It is going to take a long time for our state to recover.

If so inclined, please pray for the people who have been impacted by the flooding.  Not only have people lost lives, homes, cars and businesses but many aren't working at this time.  That is a huge burden to those who live paycheck to paycheck.


  1. Glad everyone is safe your family is in our thoughts!

  2. I've been following your story for awhile now but I'm not sure I've ever commented. I have been thinking about you guys and praying. I live in Rock Hill, SC just an hour or so north of Columbia. Everybody I know here, in Ft Mill and in Charlotte are gathering water, food, diapers, etc for the people where you guys are. I went to the stores today and shelves were empty because people bought so much to donate. Your neighbors up north are bringing some help. I hope those of you who need it can get it.