Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The sun came out today.  It was great, the kids all went out to play.  They still do not have school tomorrow.  I would be surprised if they went back this week.  I know that there was a fatality down the street we pull off of when a bridge failed, many students live past that bridge.  All the roads and routes have to be cleared before they will put buses with kids on them.

Both Jason and Kassi stopped by today.  Kassi was able to get her car running.  That is a huge relief for us.  Jason is in search of a phone.  All of my spare phones have been taken so we didn't have one for him to use.  I was happy to see some of my kids today.

Tasha sent me snap chats and videos of a happy Vaida.  She is using some alternative medicines for that ear infection, something to do with garlic.  Joselin and I talked for a while.  She said they got water today but that downtown isn't the safest place to be.  She said if it gets too bad she will come home.  We talked about her studying and ended our conversation.  Just a bit ago I saw that she had posted that things have gone bad and that she needs prayers.  I can't get in touch with her so I don't know what happened.  I don't know if I should be concerned or if it is a drama thing. I am hoping for a drama thing.

Then I have Sarah, she is headed to Ohio with a friend of hers to visit her family. I sure hope that they are travelling safely.  Too many kids to worry about!

John will be going out tomorrow with the Disaster Relief crew.  They got called up to do mud outs. He doesn't have to work tomorrow but we don't know about the rest of the week.  He will either go to work on Thursday or he will continue to do mud outs.

I continue to work on projects but it is very slow going and for a reason....

distractions! He wants to sit in my lap whenever I try to work. This section of the floor is at the top landing of the stairs.  I had started on it and then when I went back to Lowes to get more flooring they has discontinued it!  It has been sitting undone for a very long time.  There was vinyl, small area of subflooring and carpet where I hadn't pulled it yet.  I had an area rug thrown over it.  I finally removed the rug and bought some different vinyl which means I have to take out what I already finished.

I am still working on the bathroom, tomorrow I will finish painting the ceiling.  Work is ongoing in all the upstairs bedrooms.  All the doors need repainting, it is necessary to paint them white?  Anyone with colorful doors?

(Sorry if it is not readable, it is almost 3 am and I can't sleep)

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  1. So glad your family is safe. Heard it was so bad and watched the link to the video. So scary. Thanks for sharing your DIY projects. It makes me think I'd better stop watching others doing theirs and get busy on my own!!! Love your lap warmer. He is so cute!