Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This afternoon Larissa was sitting under the Christmas tree working on her homework. I walked into the room to check on her progress and she had her hoat over her head. I asked Michelle if she was asleep and she said no because she could hear her. I pulled the coat off to find out that the noise Michelle heard was Larissa having a seizure.I had my phone on me and wanted to record it.  However, I pushed the wrong button and got a picture instead.  In the beginning her chin juts out and her arms start to constrict.  Her muscles will tighten and she sounds like she is choking. 

The kids saw her seizure today and were shocked.  They hadn't seen one that bad.  It is hard when they think that she gets special treatment when she goes home early or is allowed to sleep late. I tell them it is because of her seizures but they just don't see it.

Sometimes after a seizure she will just go back to sleep afterwards and sometimes she will wake up groggy.  Today she woke up totally out of it.  She was talking nonsense and was disoriented. She came tome and wanted to sit in the corner of my desk.  She was asking what we were doing, what our plans were, she thought she had missed something and was so confused.  I made me cry.  Her seizures don't typically make me cry but her reaction today did. Shortly after this picture she was ready to sit in my lap and be comforted.

At this time she has dropped out of dance.  She just can't cope.  It seems as though she has really struggled since she broke her arm.  I don't know if the extra stress on her body was just too much along with the stress of school.  I have decided that we will homeschool again after the Christmas break.  (She had asked to be homeschooled and then had second thoughts when her teacher told her about ice cream parties and field trips.) She will also go back to dance then.  I need to decide what approach I want to take.  In this state you have to sign up for a homeschooling organization or for one of the online schools.  With her IEP I am not sure how that would work.

Tomorrow I plan on dropping the kids off at school and then going and talking to the school counselor.  I plan on showing her the pictures.  Showing her why her homework did not get done.  Why Larissa is struggling so much. That the interventions are not working.  Also, I have an appointment with the truancy board next week and want to discuss the craziness of that.

Thursday we see the neurologist. I am also talking with her regular doctor, I just don't have faith in this neurologist.

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  1. It's sad that some kids struggle so much. The only reason I'm not homeschooling Jasmine is that she thrives on social interaction and she loves band.

    Truancy? Really??