Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Laundry is a huge chore in our house. It has to be done every day and if you miss a day you know it! My washing machine has been acting up.  It is constantly unbalanced.  I have tried to balance it but it takes all day to do one small load by constantly shifting the clothing.

I went in search of the receipt and couldn't find it.  I went to Lowes and they pulled it up for me (sometimes computers are a good thing).  Looking at the receipt I saw that I had purchased the extended warranty.  Long ago we never purchased those warranties.  However, we have come to realize that appliances just don't last as long as they used to.  My washing machine is 18 months old. They are coming out tomorrow to fix it.  I am looking forward to it!

In the meantime the laundry was piling up.  Between the sheer number of people in the house to include my mom and her linens and occasional bed wetting the laundry pile was huge.  We loaded it in the van (it barely fit), I went to the bank for quarters and at 7 am I went to the laundry mat.

It took 11 triple loads and 4 mega loads (not sure what that is but I want one).  It took $61 in quarters to wash and dry everything.

It took me 3 1/2 hours to wash, dry, fold or hang everything.  Actually it was great, all my laundry done at once.  Such a sweet treat!  I really could use two washer and dryers but that is not top of my list of wants so it won't happen.

Normally I don't have a problem with washing and folding.  It is the putting away that is the problem. No, the laundry is not all put away yet.  Sigh.

Do your kids do laundry?  I would like to have mine do it but they mainly only gather laundry around the house and put it in the laundry room.  One big issue is size. I can't reach the bottom of the washing machine, I stand on a pile of dirty laundry to get the stuff off the bottom.  None of my girls can reach, Anthony is about there with me and occasionally does his laundry.  Another problem with that is that they are never empty for him to do it.

Anyone else with laundry challenges?  I hear that some people love to do laundry, that isn't in our genes.


  1. We got a huge washer and dryer when we moved into this house and I LOVE IT. It has been worth every penny we invested in it. My kids each have their own laundry basket for dirty clothes. They are inconsistent in using them, but it helps some. I do laundry once per week, one load for W&K, one load for M&L, one load for J&R, a load for Matt, a load for me, and an extra load for sheets. I throw a few towels in every load. I fold and bag outfits as soon as they come out of the dryer. Putting away laundry is easy for the kids because I bag their outfits. All they have to do is put bags in a drawer, sweatshirts in a drawer, and pajamas in a drawer. When I'm int he routine, it makes laundry very easy. You have more laundry because of your mom and the bed wetters...we rarely have bed wetting.

  2. Laundry is one of my more favorite of the household chores. The kids get their own clothes from where I fold them and sit them on top of the dryer. I don't have nearly as many children here now, but even before, it didn't really bother me. One person would be a dryer helper if I did the laundry when they were home. I usually hang their hanging clothes myself.

  3. Yes we are implementing a new stratagey this month because we keep rewashing clean clothes with the system of just throwing clothes back into the basket. We need a laundry fairy