Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Well, we got the results today of Larissa's sleep study.  The diagnosis she was given was hypersomnia organic NOS.  In other words she is tired and they don't know why.  The test ruled out Narcolepsy.  Although she had a full night sleep, she fell asleep every time the lights were turned off for 35 minutes.  Actually she fell asleep very quickly the first two times (which led to the question of does she wake up well in the morning) but she doesn't dream during those sleep periods.

The suggestion was given that it could be her seizure medication.  This frustrates me because all last year her seizures medication is what we worked on.  There are some medications that she just can't tolerate and I was better able to determine that while she was homeschooled.  He suggested a stimulant and advised against a stimulant at the same time.  Now we go back to the neurologist and I have lost confidence in the neurologist. 

Not sure where we go from here, can't find the road map.


  1. Ugh! So very frustrated for you! Have you ever checked into essential oils? We are using them in our home with our children. Each of which have different issues. Not trying to sell them to you, just throwing it out there as something that might help. Since the medical professionals don't seem to have a clue, maybe the natural world could help. Praying that at some point very soon you get some answers!!