Monday, December 15, 2014

Neurologist Again

We have been back to the neurologist.  Our appointment was at 10 so I let Larissa sleep in.  She went to bed at 8pm and came down to my room where I was getting ready to go at 8:30.  She snuggled on my bed and fell asleep.  I woke her at 9 to get dressed and we left at 9:15.  She slept in the car on the way to town.  We went to the neurologist and left to go meet my husband for lunch, she slept once again in the car.  After lunch we drove home where she slept again.  This is how tired she is all the time.

The neurologist says that the sleep study she had only rules out sleep apnea and narcolepsy.  Those have been ruled out so now we need to find a sleep neurologist, there are none in South Carolina. She also wants to put her on a stimulant to wake her during the day and get an updated MRI.

I am so frustrated.  It takes months do see any type of specialist and so far we haven't been able to see anyone who can help.  This isn't helping Larissa with school at this time.  We were supposed to meet last week to discuss her schooling but it got changed to this week.  If I decide to just pull out and homeschool then I would need to get all of the books for half a year as well as join a homeschooling group.  Not sure if I want to do that or not.  I am still looking at my options and it is slow going since my internet is acting up and driving me crazy.  Looking for a new provider.

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