Thursday, December 4, 2014

How do you do your Christmas tree?

Looking at our Christmas tree you can see how tall my kids are! 

For those that do a Christmas tree, would you move the ornaments around or would you leave them?  Do you have a separate tree for kids?  Do you do a color scheme or are you a free for all?

Our tree isn't totally done.  I found more ornaments and the kids will be making more so perhaps some will make it lower on the tree.  I don't typically move ornaments around unless I feel that it is in danger of getting broken.


  1. Hi love a tree decorated by children. I have a mish mash of ornaments that somehow work. I aslo tend to put the more fragile ones to the top out of the way of the grandkiddies.

  2. My kids decorate the tree. My husband and I usually put the really fragile ones up top, but the kids do everything else. I have had a few years now where all the ornaments are on the bottom branches, or all on one branch. I think it's funny. My ornaments are a collection of memories, not a set that go together. When I was a kid, I always got a new ornament on Christmas, and now my kids do. It's fun to open up the box of ornaments and remembering when we got each one.