Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another Sleep Study

Yesterday I washed, combed and dried Larissa's hair in preparation fro her sleep study. She wasn't allowed to have any product in her hair which made it a challenge. She didn't want me to braid it in any way.

She had to be there at 8 pm and my husband took the night duty.  I dropped the kids off at school in the morning and replaced him for the day duty.  We have done several sleep studies but this is the first day study.

Thankfully for the day study they took off some of the equipment, she did not like the nose part.

For the day study they turn the lights off every two hours for 35 minutes (not sure why specifically 35 minutes).  The room is pitch black and they want them to nap.  For the first session I could hear her have a seizure so I know she fell asleep.  I fell asleep in the second session and went out for lunch on the third.  I also napped on the 4th and final one!  All those naps wore me out.  I think because I was just dozing off when they came in and turned on the lights.

Next week we go in to get the results.  I sure hope that we get some answers.  Larissa has been really fatigued lately, both physically and emotionally. She has asked me to homeschool her again.  I told her to wait until after the Christmas break and we will discuss it again.

Glue everywhere, to include her hair.  We did a quick hair style tonight but I will have to condition it well this weekend.


  1. You'll have to take her to see the new "Annie" movie - she looks just like the little girl who plays Annie with her hair like that! Absolutely gorgeous :) Good luck with the results :)

  2. I hope they are able to find some solutions for Larissa!