Thursday, December 26, 2013

Too Many Stockings on the Mantle

We heard a big crash and went to go check it out. This is what we found. Anthony was running from the scene and was messing with the stockings. Obviously we needed a different method for putting up the stockings.

I got a piece of wood from the garage from the ramp dismantle and cut it to size.  I carefully measured out for 16 nails. (I eye-balled them)

I drilled a small hole at an angle and hammered the nails in part way.

I emptied the mantle and place the piece of wood down.

Then I put everything back.  It worked really well.  I even filled some of the stockings and it didn't budge.  I plan on keeping it and might even paint it for next Christmas.

Anyone else have a problem with too many stockings?  If so, how to you deal with them?

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