Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Always Something!

There always seems to be something that keeps life exciting. The issue of the day is insurance.  I finally received the girls Medicaid cards and for some reason they didn't change their names.  That means that at some point I need to motivate myself to go to the Medicaid office and tackle that issue.  I just don't feel it right now. 

We also got the girls on Tricare.  However, Tricare wants us to go to Sumter to see a doctor at Shaw AFB.  Uh, that is about 45 minutes away. That is crazy.  So I want for them to continue to see their Medicaid doctor but can't use Medicaid because of the name issue.  Yes, it is complicated.

Problem with all of this is ADHD medications.  These have to be refilled every month.  Thankfully this isn't a month when the girls have to be weighed so they simply wrote the prescription.  Instead of dealing with the name issue at our pharmacy we went to Ft. Jackson to fill them.  Nice idea except that they only carried one of the prescriptions.

While there I went to the PX.  I was very excited to find this shirt there......

I would have liked to purchase three of them but there was only one left.  That shirt is a great reflection of my three little ones.  If anyone sees it for sale anywhere please let me know.  I need two more.
I then went back to our pharmacy where they know us well.  I explained the name issue and somehow they took care of it.  The girls were without their ADHD medication for two days....their teachers were very happy to see them back on it today!

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  1. Jasmine uses our pediatrician at base but is referred downtown for a specialist. They put the co pay on medicaid and the meds are filled on medicaid because Tricare has a large co pay for that med.