Thursday, December 26, 2013


Well, giving the girls responsibility of their clothing failed. I think it was because they have too much. I have taken care of that.

On Christmas Eve I asked the girls to clean their room (Emma and Michelle).  After 5 hours I went to see what the problem was.  Others in the house were checking on their progress and I was attempting to clean downstairs and do some baking.

I walked in on this.  Yep, this is how far they had gotten in 5 hours.

I saw their overflowing laundry baskets and told them that there was no way that they wore that amount of clothing since the last laundry day less than a week ago.

I peeked into their closet for their clean clothing.

I looked across the closet at Anthony's bedroom and handed him a broom.

I sent the girls away and cleaned for them.  They will now have a lot less clothing and no toys or books in their bedroom except for a Bible.  I filled three big trash bags and found 4 tubes of almost full toothpaste in their mess.

Then I went downstairs and saw glasses everywhere.  I brought out this tray and explained that they would get one glass a day and if it wasn't on this tray then they lost their glass for the day.  Naturally they take their glass to the table for meals.  I have run loads of dishes that were mostly glasses, it was becoming a big issue with me.

I didn't get all my baking done and today I am still doing laundry.  Most of the girls clothing will be gone but I have to sort them a weeks worth of clothing first.


  1. I like the cup idea. We have dishwasher loads of just cups, too. I found putting a few of Missy's outfits in my closet ~ extra dressy things, was helpful in keeping organized with clothes. A weeks worth of clothes is all they need within reach for sure.

  2. Oooh, good idea with the cups! We have the same problem. Laundry is going better for us, but we didn't start with a whole lot. I hope getting rid of a lot of it helps.