Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Fun/Struggles

Yesterday we had a lot of activities planned. Charlotte who helps with my mom brought over her granddaughters and we made cinnamon ornaments.

We also made those snowman ornaments using handprints.

We also baked, decorated and ate sugar cookies.

Michelle was on restrictions and was not able to participate in the activities.  Charlotte had planned on taking all the kids to a light show in Columbia to give me a chance to work on my Christmas projects.  We decided to allow Michelle to go simply because I did need the time to work.

Sarah went with Charlotte to help with the kids.

Larissa has gone with Charlotte before with no problems.  The other kids hadn't.  Lets just say that they won't be going with anyone else anytime soon.  Emma was mean as a coot, Michelle wouldn't listen and neither would Anthony.

As a matter of fact Anthony took a dip in the river because he wouldn't listen.  He kept walking way ahead and Charlotte kept trying to reign him in.  At one point he was far ahead and walked right off the dock into the lake, it was actually deep at that point.  He said he thought it was concrete.

Lesson learned....maybe, maybe not.

I was disappointed.  The kids knew that Larissa had gone with Charlotte before and were anxious to go with her.  However, when they got the opportunity to do so they couldn't show her respect.  That is a huge problem for me.  They miss out on so much because of their behaviors.  They also make it hard for me at Christmas time because their behaviors don't give me warm fuzzy shopping feelings. 

Back to work, late night creating is wearing me down.


  1. I so understand. My twins have missed stuff already this year.

  2. I really, really wish I lived close to you. It's the same exact story at our house. I hate that both our families have to go through it...I just wish we could go through it less than 500 miles apart.