Thursday, December 5, 2013


About a month ago I decided to change up our laundry routine. I bought each kid their own laundry basket and gave them a day to do their laundry. I stopped matching their clothing and gave the kids total control over their clothing.

The system is going OK.  Some days we forget that it was a persons laundry day but then we simply do it the next day.  I no longer spend hours sorting clothing.  When the girls picked up their room the other day I noticed that they put clean clothing into their laundry baskets.  I ignored it. 

Gone are the days when I sort laundry.  The kids have only one load when they do their own laundry once a week.  If they rewash their own clean clothing in that load I have learned to ignore it.  Just more for them to put away again.

I have also learned to ignore the wrinkles and mismatched clothing.  Emma seems to be the one with the inability to match.  This outfit that she is wearing is actually one of her better matches.

My laundry days are not gone.  I still have mine and my husband's laundry as well as my mom and two foster kids.  It seems like such a lighter load and other than the occasional tongue biting it is going well.


  1. You and me...we're laundry buddies. =)

  2. I do the laundry but they bring it out and put it in the baskets and then pick it up clean from the dryer. If someone has too many infractions--dumping greasy work clothes on top of the other dirty clothes etc., that person does his or her own laundry. If said person shoves two loads worths into one load, he gets to use the laundry mat for a month :)