Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catch Up

December has arrived and we are very busy. We have so many activities coming up that I have to actually put them on my Outlook.

Emma went to the First grade Gingerbread House night with John. Since she went with John I have no pictures of the actual event!  I do however have pictures of the final product.

She was very proud and had a great time with her dad.

Emma is also enjoying being creative with matching clothing.

Our church had two painting parties at our house so that the Gingerbread house could be completed for a local parade.

We were very happy with the float and enjoyed that parade until the cold weather blew in towards the end.  We sat a watched the black clouds roll in and the temperatures dropped at least 10 degrees during the parade.
It had drizzled all morning before the parade but the temperatures were fine.

Allowing the kids to match their own clothing and be in charge of their clothing has been hard for me in some ways.  When I see their clothing in wadded messes I wince.  I talk to them about how to prevent wrinkles but they aren't' too concerned at this time.  Anthony and Larissa are pretty good at matching and Larissa loves to hang her clothing up.  She is also a big folder and does the best job of taking care of her clothing.  Anthony follows behind her in taking care of his clothing. 

I don't always agree with their clothing choices but they are definitely individuals.  The picture doesn't do their outfits justice.  I just grin and suggest the capri's don't really go with  boots and that certain color combinations don't really go together.  I simply suggest, I don't make anyone go change unless they are way off on weather conditions.

Larissa is really enjoying being homeschooled.  At this time she has no interest in going back to school.  I wonder if that will change when the foster kids leave.  More on homeschooling in another post.

In good news, Long Term Community Health finally came out and put in a ramp for my mom.  When the pool was installed the ramp out the back was dismantled. 

We had no choice but to go out the front door.  The builders said that some people aren't willing to put the ramp in their front yard.  We did whatever was necessary to get mom in and out of the house.

It does look big!  The kids are enjoying riding bikes and scooters up and down it.

A bit of randomness, if you want to entertain your kids for hours, get them some of those red solo cups.  These cups have had hours of fun all over the house.

We had such a great weekend that our house was trashed.  I sent the kids to bed early Sunday night and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen.  My house always seems to be at its worse when social workers call to come over.  Today I received a call from the foster kids social worker and their adoption worker, both will be over tomorrow. This adoption worker thing is strange.  They are trying to decrease the time that kids are in foster care by having the adoption process already started when the kids get TPR.  I think that they are doing it too soon.  As far as I know our kids are going to go home.  The last thing I was told by their social worker was that they could go home in January.

Regardless this has given me a boost to finish our homestudy paperwork.  We had been stalling because we wanted to make sure that the current kids were going to go home.  I finished the packet tonight and will sent it back to adoptions tomorrow with the worker who is coming to the house.

Please say a prayer for us as we send off the homestudy packet.  Somewhere out there in foster care today there could possibly be our last child/children.  We are approved for up to 3 kids.

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  1. Praying for just the right kiddos for your family. And praying that God is already preparing their hearts to be yours.