Friday, April 5, 2013

Slow Spring Break

We haven't had a very exciting spring break.  I am budgeting for Disney in June so no big plans in April.  Also, John just started his training job and then there is my mom. 
So little things are all we can muster.
The little ones don't seem to mind.  They really like Chick-fil-A so it was an adventure.

Did you know that it is possible to get a rug burn in the play area?  Yep, at least ice is available.

I also took a few kids to the little local movie theater to watch Croods.  Unfortunately the little ones who stole and lied that day did not get to go and I was down to only two little ones. 
They loved the movie.  The teens really liked it too.
No big plans for the weekend either. Guess we are boring these days but that is fine with me as it gives me some time to recharge. 
Anyone out there doing anything exciting? 

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  1. I have no life but tomorrow Adam has a big track meet (and I bought $100 of gatorade, bananas and junk food for them!), followed by dinner out, followed by the prom, then off to someone's house, may stay over night and go to their church, followed but two days in school detention, followed by district meet, followed by senior trip to Orlando all within the next 10 days!!