Monday, April 8, 2013

Finally.....moving along

Late last week I received a call from our adoption workers supervisor.  Our adoption worker has the shingles and could not come today to sign.  I told her that we had already told Michelle that we would sign today and meet with the lawyer.  She said that since we had adopted before she would be comfortable with emailing the papers to us for signature and having us mail it back.

I am glad that they were willing to do it this way because the first thing Michelle asked me this morning was about her papers.  She wanted adopted now.  She is growing very impatient.

Today I received the email,  I printed the papers and we signed them.  Rather anticlimactic but it got the job done.  We met with the lawyer at 3:30 and now we wait for the process to move along. 

Next step will be the girls getting served their paperwork.  Then they will have a visit from the GAL that our lawyer assigns to them. Then we will see when we can get into court.  Sometimes around here getting a court date is the hard part.

Finally, we are moving along!