Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Lives

What can I say........weekend update on Thursday!

Kassi went to her first prom.  When we first bought this dress I didn't think she would ever take it off.  Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl  teen.
 I braided her hair. (and the dress was bought used but fit her perfectly)

(The clean house in the background is NOT mine)
Also on Sunday Larissa came up to me at church asking for a pen. Later she came back with her church bulletin marked that she wanted Baptised.  I was a little surprised and asked her what she thought it meant.  She said that she accepted Jesus as her savior.  I said to go and talk with our minister thinking that she wouldn't.  However, she did go track him down.  We met on Tuesday with the minister and he interrogated questioned her about her belief.  It was so strange to have my baby sit there and talk about her beliefs with our minister.  Needless to say, she is getting baptised this Sunday!  If you lived closer I would invite you to come and join us in our celebration.
This is my last week of student teaching.  On Monday I have my last Monday night class.  Then on Thursday I am taking three different tests I need for certification.  I scheduled them for 8am, noon and 5 pm.  They have testing all week but I didn't want to drive to Columbia on three different occasions.  After May 2nd I will officially be finished with my masters!
In foster news I picked K up from visitation on Wednesday.  He has visitation once every week for one hour.  He is supposed to have a GAL visit this Friday.  However, I received a text from his worker letting me know that he may move soon.  They are trying to get him with his siblings and there may be an opening where they are living.  K has asked us to have them moved here but we can't do that.  For one, we are already over our number limit.  But more importantly, one of his siblings is a teen boy. We do not take teen boys because we have 3 little girls and 2 older ones.  Nope, no teen boys in this house until Anthony gets up to that age.
The weather turned a little colder this last weekend.  I wonder what is in store for this weekend.  I can't seem to keep up with it.  I have been working on switching summer and winter clothing out but wonder if I should finish the job!  How is the spring weather in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Kassi looks beautiful! What a fun time. I'm very proud of Larissa. I wish we were closer as well, so we could celebrate such an amazing time with her! Congrats of your masters :) Our weather here in AZ went from really nice to hot almost overnight (we went from the mid 70's to the 90's in two days, blech). I wish it was a little cooler, but I know where I live. . .I'm glad we didn't hit the 100's yet.