Thursday, April 11, 2013

Call Me Crazy

Next summer I want to take a huge road trip.  We had planned on heading north later this summer but since John started working so we are lucky to have the opportunity to still do our Disney trip.

I want to head north to Canada.  Then drive to the west coast and up north to Alaska.  Then down along the western coast and cut across back home.  Yes, a huge road trip.  I estimate a 6 week trip.

I thought that my husband would say no but he didn't.  Perhaps he is just allowing me to dream.

Anyone take a huge road trip such as this?  I'd like to see some readers along the way.  Who wants us to visit on our road trip?  Any suggestions of places we must see along the way?

Told you I was crazy!


  1. I want to meet you! But you could do that on the Disney trip. :-)

  2. I think that's awesome! We would love to do a similar trip in a few years when our kids are bigger! I know I don't comment often, but I LOVE reading your blog. I wish I knew you in person. :) We have just recently adopted 3 boys we've been fostering for about 1 1/2 years (along with our 3 bio daughters). We got approved as a "group home" and just got our first placement of a little girl yesterday. Often I wonder "what was I thinking" and every new kid offers new challenges. I love hearing about just your day to day life, and knowing that it's not just me. It's the life of a foster parent. There is nothing like it!

  3. It's not crazy! I've done the trip, but not with all my kids. We only had two when we did it. I can tell you spots to hit all along the west coast, as well as in South Dakota, if you are that far south on your trek west. If you have time while you're in Orlando for Disney, I'd love to see you again.

  4. I can tell you of some great Canadian spots throughout the prairies. What a fantastic idea! I have yet to make a road trip all the way out to the West coast(I'm in Manitoba and have driven as far as Alberta, but I've made the trip out to B.C.), but it's on my bucket list. Definitely an awesome experience for all involved!

  5. Jasmine got her days off approved, so we'll plan to be a Magic Kingdom on the 5th.

  6. You need to come thru beautiful Creston BC and come and see us! Love following your blog, and would love to meet up -