Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cutting Back

I have come to the realization that our road trip is going to have to span 2 summers.  Apparently we have a lot of places we want to visit.  Once I started putting in places that all of us want to go to in each area I realized that unless we took a year to travel we couldn't do it.

I did have one friend suggest that we sell the house, buy RV's, homeschool the kids and go.  I also found out that her ulterior motive was to come along on the trip.  I don't think we are at the point in our life where we can do that.  Actually, I couldn't imagine selling my house and not having a home base.

So, tentative road trip number 1, anyone on our route (or close to) and any suggestions for along the way?

This is for the summer of 2014, Disney is this summer.  Originally the northeast was as well but my husbands VA training position has delayed that.


  1. If you have an Laura Ingalls Wilder lovers in the family, plan a whole day to stop in DeSmet, South Dakota. They have some neat exhibits in town, but the best thing is the Ingalls homestead just outside of town. It's all interactive and hands-on for the kids. We stopped there for 4 hours a couple of years ago, and it wasn't nearly enough.

    As you cross South Dakota on your way to Mt. Rushmore, stop for a break at Wall Drug. You'll see signs for it for hours before you get there. The history behind it is really cool. They have all sorts of fun shops and great home cooking restaurants. Make sure to get homemade donuts...the best I've ever had!

    Check the timing of your trip and go to the Frontier Days festival in Cheyenne, WY if you can. It's fabulous!!! You'll pass right through Cheyenne on your way down to Denver.

    Have plenty of good reading material and snacks for the day you drive across eastern Colorado and through Kansas. BORING.

  2. Next summer is NYC for Jessica and me if she graduates next May. And I owe Jasmine the Mt Rushmore trip we are delaying this summer. She's okay with that because we are going to 6 Flags when we're in St Louis for my convention. Just Jasmine and Jessica for Magic Kingdom, every one for the cruise and then just Jasmine and I for St Louis and on to my mom's in Indiana. Hope some of the others will meet us there but Jessica has three classes that are only offered in the summer and Tyler has just started his job.

  3. Not on the way to anywhere you are going. Just live over here in the boring, neighboring state of Georgia. Sigh...guess one day you might come here. Lol! Looks like a super fun trip. I have been wanting to take a trip like that with my own crew!

  4. Looks like you will be nearish to Niagara Falls/Buffalo/Rochester at one point? Near Rochester we've got things like the George Eastman house, the Strong Museum of play, some other things like that. There is some historical significance w/Susan B Anthony and Fredrick Douglas. The Finger Lakes region is really beautiful. There is lots of good hiking in the area. Looks like you are passing through Toronto? The zoo there is supposed to be one of the best. It's pretty expensive, you may want to check out reciprocal agreements with your local zoo. If you are passing near Detroit, the zoo there is also good. My dad recommends the Henry Ford Museum highly. We also used to visit Frankenmuth, it's a town somewhere near there with a strong Bavarian heritage.There is a huge Christmas themed store we used to love to visit. This is not right on your way, but other MI places we frequented as kids were the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Traverse City, MI, and Mackinac Island, MI. Looking at your route, it might be fun to see if you pass near Gettysburg, Williamsburg, etc., if you like history.