Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a mess!

I spent my day shuffling around my clutter.  I did end up throwing away 2 bags of random toys.  That is hard to do when the kids are watching your every move!

Yes, that is some of my china on that top shelf.  With the dining room converted into a bedroom all my china has been sitting around.  I figured it would get dusty up there but not much danger of getting broken.

The kids computer desk.......

I took some of the wood left over from Larissa's bed build and made a shelving area for the printers.  It needs a little trim work and painted but does the job.

Tomorrow I will work on my desk area.  It is in really bad shape.  My computer desk is really not big enough for all the work that happens there.  I also have the quarterly visit for foster care.

Anyone else have problems with clutter control?


  1. yep. We are in the double wide and the bedrooms just aren't big enough to contain everyone's stuff--even after they've downsized.

  2. I wish I could build like you!!! I see what I want in my mind, but it usually doesn't come out the way I want it :( Our table saws are small and hard to access (not that I know how to use them anyway) and it probably doesn't help that I cut most of what I build with an old hack saw. LOL!