Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sick Kid at the Zoo......Maybe

We went to the zoo today.  We took some extra kids with us and I met up with a friend and her kids.  We don't typically socialize outside of our little group too often.  It sure was nice to meet up with another adult!

Larissa had a great time.

Anthony didn't.  He spent most of the time dramatically telling me he was sick but he couldn't tell me in what way.  I finally put him in the stroller so we could move past the benches. 

Anthony doesn't do heat well.  If he breaks a sweat he does not react well to it.  We really hadn't done much before he got sick.  Some walking around, it was hot and humid even at 9 am.  However, not enough to cause his symptoms.  I struggled with the idea that he was either sick or he wanted the attention. 

Later we were in the aquarium area (for the A/C) and he made the quickest recovery.  He was running around and getting the other kids to follow him.  Even when we stepped back into the muggy Tropical Rainforest area he maintained his recovery.

He was fine the rest of the day.

So, what do you think?  Ill with a quick recovery or attention seeking?  I wonder how he will do at our planned water park excursion. 

Tomorrow we are staying home to clean house.  Wish me luck!

Edited to add that I really thought he was attention seeking. His symptoms didn't match any illness I know of and they came so quickly and then left quickly when it was played out.  If the combat medic in me had really thought he had a heat injury I would have left.  His heat issue is why he is not involved in any outdoor sport.

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  1. Thanks for letting us come along and for taking such sweet pics of my girls! You have an awesome family. I enjoyed meeting them!