Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Neglect and Pee

Funny, my post of pee seemed to get the most comments!  I appreciate all the suggestions.

I have noticed something in my years of fostering....there is a developmental period for a baby to recognize that dirty diapers are yucky.  Typically they recognize this because parents will change that stinky as soon as it is smelled.  So, what happens when the parent doesn't change that stinky?  When the parent lets the kid run around in it all day?

At some point the child doesn't recognize it as a stinky.  I have seen this.  With the littlest ones (I'd say under 6 months) we notice that they pick up on the idea that they don't like a dirty diaper.  As a matter of fact, they are quite vocal about it.

I don't know what the magical age is but I do feel that it is under 6-9 months old.  We got Anthony at the age of 2 1/2.  He wasn't potty trained.  We thought that we would never get him trained because he really didn't care if his diaper was stinky or not.  If the kid doesn't care what is the motivation?

We received Kiwi a little younger.  She didn't care either.  When Kiwi and her younger sister left after almost 9 months Kiwi still didn't care.  Her younger sister did.  I do believe that the baby will be much easier to potty train then Kiwi will be.  I wish Kiwi's parents lots of luck.

Neglect can lead to all types of issues, things that you really don't think about.  Abuse can also cause pee issues.  There is a benefit to having a stinky bed if you want to keep someone out of your bed.  Pee and other stinkies can be a defense mechanism. 

Who would have thought that pee could be so complicated?

Well, pee happens and so I have decided to let it be.  After his bag of pull ups are gone I am going to tell him he is turning 8 next month so no more pull ups.  If he pees he can get up and clean up his bed.  If he chooses not to then I probably won't notice it until close to bedtime and he can sleep on his mattress protector while I do laundry.

Does anyone know if cruise lines provide mattress protectors.  I wonder if I should take a plastic sheet.

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