Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

We are getting closer to our cruise. 

I am getting more stressed.

It doesn't help that in the last few days my SW has been calling me asking me all types of fine detail questions about things that I have never had to have in a homestudy before.  Her supervisor wanted extra details.  Today she called me and told me that the homestudy is finally written but she realized that she doesn't have the letter of recommendations from our friends.  Uh, I know they were sent in February.  Doesn't matter, she can't find them so she needs them resent.  She also had to redo SLED checks because she couldn't find them.  YES, I am getting frustrated by the entire experience.  I would have thought that she would have realized that she was missing the letters of reference earlier.

Today I was on facebook venting about my homestudy and an old friend comes on and asks me how far we live from Clearwater, FL because she is taking a trip there.  Really, I have no idea where Clearwater is but I mentioned I'd be in Tampa next weekend.  A quick look and we realized we'd be real close.  We haven't seen each other since we met in DC in 2005.  So, we are leaving a day early for FL to hook up with old friends.

We leave in a little more then a week and I just made our hotel reservations for Tampa tonight.  Guess that was a good thing since we hadn't planned on going down a day early.  It is funny how technology can keep friends connected.

Tasha decided that she wants to go white water rafting before she deploys.  Naturally the planning falls on me.  I am currently researching for that unexpected trip.  It needs to be one of our cheap trips since I really hadn't budgeted for it.  It will be a weekend trip.

I have been keeping busy trying to declutter (still).  I started on my desk area and got frustrated with it so I moved to the laundry area.  I have made some progress there but my desk area is still a mess.  What do you do with all those little odd and ends?  All the little cords, papers, pieces of stuff.  The super glue, the computer parts, the whatnots?  They are driving me crazy.  They are all piled around my desk and get shuffled from place to place. 

Anyone have a great organization secrets?  I buy organizational stuff and then the baskets and such just get filled up and then I need more baskets.  I wonder if I am a hoarder on a smaller scale.

Foster care doesn't help at all.  We now have double baby stuff.  A lot!  You know, double cribs, double double strollers, single stroller, double car seats, extra booster car seats (may need them), high chair, bumbo seat.....need I mention swings and bassinets and toys?  and toys?  I also have containers of clothing that my kids have outgrown....we just may need them.  I know that as soon as I decide to have a garage sale and get rid of it all then I will get a call for a baby...probably doubled.

That is my life in a nutshell.....a mess.  Everything seems so disorganized right now and so many things undone.  Thus the stress.  Tomorrow I will go clean up some lose ends and make doctor appointments for some kids.  Maybe some things will clear up before school starts back up again. 

The summer is looking shorter and shorter.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying their summer.


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