Saturday, July 16, 2011

Revamped Office Space

I finished and I am very happy with my new space.  My old desk was way too small and I had been looking for a corner type desk on Criagslist.  I found one that came with a tall bookshelf and desk chair for $100.  It is solid wood.  The bookshelf went into Anthony's bedroom and the chair is sitting in the garage for now.  The desk came with a hutch but I didn't want to use it because I wanted to face out into the play area.

The back of the desk was supposed to face the wall so it didn't have a finished look to it.  I bought some fabric (on clearance) and velcroed it to the back.  Larissa likes to hide in the corner since it is hollow.  It will become a storage spot for something I am sure.

I bought all the clearance fabric, only 3 yards and I will be able to make some matching pillows for the sectional that sits in the same room.  I often wonder if I should so some window treatments in the room and if they would have had a lot of the clearance fabric I would have bought enough to do some type of window treatment.

I wonder how long I can keep it looking good.  Paperwork typically overwhelms me!

On to the next problem spot......the laundry area.

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  1. wow! I think it looks fabulous! Good for you.
    Good luck with the laundry. I can NEVER keep up - it is sort of a permanent carpet of clothes...