Monday, July 18, 2011

Mom and Larissa Outing

About a month ago we visited ChicFilA and they were having a drawing for free tickets to a local musical show.  Last week we got a call telling us that we had won two tickets.  Before the show we were given refreshments and a photo opp.

Larissa really enjoyed the show.  After the show we were taken back and Larissa was allowed to ride the car.

She also got to meet the cast......

and collect autographs......

and get hugs.

The entire experience was very positive.  Larissa was very interested in the dancing and paid a lot of attention to the entire performance.  We may go back and watch the next show they produce.

After the show we went to dinner together.  Can you guess where Larissa picked?

She ate a salad, some bread, all of her kids meal and half of mine!  I wonder if she is about to have a growth spurt.

She even picked broccoli and ate all of it. (Here she is eating MY shrimp after eating all of hers)

Over all, it was a lovely date with my youngest daughter.  She was so well behaved and a pleasure to spend company with.  She is growing up so fast!  Ack, too fast!


  1. i need to do more of these...i know i do. thanks for reminding me.

  2. Do you ever check this photolisting?

    That first boy has real potential. Of course it is an adoption that would be out of pocket and no perdiem but that's how four of ours were. I wish I were in a position to adopt him because he's the right age and he's what we're looking for (if I were looking of course : )

  3. awe what a sweet day! Good for you guys :)