Monday, July 11, 2011

I Need Help

This is a subject I don't normally talk about due to privacy of the offending party.  However, I am at my wits end.  Yes, it is a peeing issue.

My young son pees the bed about every night.  I put pullups on him.  They don't work!  I have tried many brands and he pees through them and onto his bed.  He wears a pull up every night and will leave the wet ones in every corner of his bedroom unless directed to throw them away every day.

Yes, I limit fluids after dinner and have tried getting him out of bed and into the bathroom before I go to bed (after midnight).  I have bought more plastic covers then I can count (he tears them after awhile).  I have bought plastic sheets that the elderly or sick typically use (he moves them around so they are useless).

I have tried to give him ownership.  Bought extra sheets and have told him to change his bedding when he has an accident.  He will not.  He will sleep in his pee for days on end if you don't check his sheet daily.  I have given that over to my dear husband.  He will sleep on the floor unless you tell him specifically to put a sheet back on.  He has slept on the floor and peed on the wood floors and I can't get the odor out.

I have talked to his doctor and she isn't concerned.  She says that he is still within the age where this is normal (he will be 8 next month).  

I am surprised that his mattress hasn't fallen apart given all the bleach I have poured on it.  I don't see a reason to replace it since he hasn't slowed down.

I am tired of doing laundry.  I don't understand how the odor doesn't bother him.  I wish he would change his sheet himself and take care of the issue.  Naturally, I will be delighted the day he stops peeing the bed!

Any suggestions out there on how to deal with this issue?  Any routines someone can suggest?  I am contemplating having him change his sheet every day, dry or not.  Not sure....oh, I just plain don't know what do to at this time.



  1. I was worried about one of my children, as well. It seemed like when we stopped talking about it and just decided to let nature take it's course, things got better. Once she was a month or two past her 8th birthday, SUCCESS!!!! Hang in there. Some bodies take longer. I think some children sleep very deeply when they're young, so they don't wake up to the clues. At least, that seemed to be the case with my daughter. No accidents at all anymore!! ♥

  2. Our challenge is that our son does not care about bed wetting and will sleep in a went stinky bed without a second thought. On the other hand, his younger is repulsed by being wet and will get up in the middle of the night to change and sleep somewhere else.

  3. My nephew who is 7 is a bed wetter and he went to see a nurse who specialises in bed wetting. I didn't know there was such a thing.

    Anyway the advice that was given to my sister was no caffeine and no blackcurrant. Apparently blackcurrant is the.worst.thing a child can drink if they have these issues.

    Also she was told not to get him up during the night to go to the bathroom as his bladder needed to be taught how to work properly.

    Another thing to keep an eye on is that he was drinking enough water through the day (8 glasses) and making sure he was using the bathroom regularly throughout the day. My sister had to ask his teacher to send him to the bathroom before he was allowed outside to play on school break times and straight after school when he got home he would be sent to the bathroom.

    Like I said this was all advice my sister had from a nurse specialist. I hope something there helps you out :)

  4. I don't know that this will work, but when Abigail started having accidents again I put her in a pull-up. After pull-ups returned she started having nightly accidents as well as naptime ones (while before she was staying dry for around 12 hours most night). I realized the pull-ups had caused her to regress in bedwetting.
    So I talked to a few people who I knew would be supportive. I bought Abigail's favorite character underwear, and we cold turkied it. The consequences to peeing the bed were the 'natural' ones. No scolding etc. Wet bed meant no more fun unies, just the plain boring ones. New pajamas. And sleeping on the plastic cover with no blankets, pillows, or special lovie item. They were wet, and I wasn't doing a middle of the night washing. We did have more sheets, but I also wasn't going to remake a bed in the middle of the night.
    While it is a commitment (esp. if he's willing to sleep in a wet bed) it might work. You could check before you go to bed, and if he's wet do all of the above.
    And then of course when she woke up dry she got ridiculous things like candy before breakfast, and after so many stickers, a toy, a trip to the children's museum, and then a kiddie pool.
    It worked very well, and VERY quickly for us. We have been at it for over two months and I can count on one hand the number of accidents she has had. :)

  5. Raegan has to wear a pullup at night also :( Wets through at times also- I'm tired of that and the smell (so is her roomate sister). Some of the other suggestions we've been given to help her that I don't see mentioned above. One friend swears by the bedwetting alarms....solved two of her children's bedwetting issues. It's $169 + the special underware :( The price is stopping us..hoping this will resolve itself without spending that kind of money. A few people/internet articles have shared that sometimes bedwetting is caused by food..remove dairy and kids are cured. Bummer Raegan already can't have dairy...but maybe it's worth a try for your son?? Some people have said if a child is constipated, bedwetting is worse. This could be her problem- but darned if I can always keep tabs on everyone's poop issues so I don't know if that's contributing to her issue! Geez! Could this be a factor for your son?? The health food store has some supplement that is suppose to help with this problem...I haven't been there to look at it and she takes so many other supps for stomach issues I'm not keen on making her take another. Might be worth looking into for him??? Anyway...just a compilation of all poeple have told me. In the end, I hope Raegan's problem just goes away soon on it's own!! Blessings, Jennifer