Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Much Needed Vacation

We are visiting with old friends and relaxing in Florida before we head out on our cruise.  You will notice that Joselin is not with us.  She is not able to go for two reasons; she destroyed her paperwork so I wasn't able to get her a passport and she was not around when we booked our cruise.  She is spending the week with her Aunt Cindy.

The ocean is such an interesting place to powerful and beautiful.

You can tell we are visitors by the pictures we take. Locals don't think much of the bird on the truck but we were excited enough to take pictures.

I feel that we do need this vacation.  Sad to say, but we needed this vacation without Joselin.  She came home only because she thought she was pregnant and her boyfriend kicked her out.  She is not pregnant. 

The initial shock of her boyfriend betraying her caused her to rethink some of the things she was doing.  When she first came home she was nice to everyone, was willing to talk with our minister....basically talking the good talk.  Slowly her cracks are showing.  She is getting meaner and meaner to the little ones, stealing from her sisters, slacking on her one chore, getting mouthy, lying, and connecting with too many guys on the internet.  I try to talk to her about her sliding and she will bring up the positive things she has done.....bringing a boy to the house for us to meet (versus meeting him on the sly, but she does meet with other guys on the sly) and being willing to talk with our minister (something she has never done).

So badly I want for her to make some positive life changes for herself.  I want for her to make good choices.  But I have a feeling that she will completely revert right back to her old ways as soon as the effect of her last fiasco has dimmed.  Now she smarter and knows that life is not so easy out there as she thought.  I feel in my gut that she is just saying what she needs to say because she doesn't have another place to go.

The first night she spent with her aunt she had one of her friends pick her and my 17 year old nephew up.  Cindy said they could go out.  However, they did come back until 5 pm the next day. 

Oh geez, I do need this vacation.  I hope that no hurricanes head our way!

I hope that everyone has a great week while I am away.

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  1. I so understand what you're saying. With Jeff I always wonder if he is actually able to distinguish truth from lies--he lies so readily--and if he has any prick of conscience when he does things that are so obviously wrong. Sometimes I just think he does not at all process stuff like we do. And perhaps he really thinks the lies are truth. Wouldn't it be great if we could actually get in these guys' heads and see things they way they do? Then we'd know if they were able to change or not. Enjoy your break!!!!