Friday, June 16, 2017

Traveling to NC

Our destination was a mere 4 hours away but it took us 5 1/2 hours due to accidents. One accident happened right in front of us. A truck was hauling a small traitor and I watched it start to bop around. The truck was trying to control it and slowing down but I could tell that it wasn't going to end well so I drastically started slowing down. All of a sudden the trailer whipped around causing the truck to do a half donut. Luckily everyone was paying attention and the blue car in front of me only had bumper damage. I slowed down and stopped at the last moment praying that no one would rear end me. Thankfully they didn't

Later I was stopped at a rest stop when someone came up to talk to me. They told me that they noticed my van and when I hit my brakes everyone around them did too. They didn't see the truck like I could. I guess there is a benefit to driving a big decorated white van.

We made it to Deep Creek and will enjoy a few days of water fun, cooler temperatures and family/friend time.

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