Thursday, June 15, 2017

She's off

We got Sarah off to Canada. I love our airport, not much traffic. Yes she had to wait in this non-existent line to check in.

Then she had a brief security line to navigate. I liked the old days when you could take someone to their gate.

The send off crew.

She had a connection in Chicago which didn't give her any problems and then got to Canada after midnight. It was there that she had problems. They didn't want to let her in. She had papers from the group she is working with stating what she would be doing in the country. The agent didn't want to let her in and kept accusing her of being a Christian. He made her go sit down. She was texting me in panic mode and we were wondering if we were going to have to buy a ticket to bring her back home. All I could tell her was to stay calm, she had all the appropriate paperwork. Finally after a while they allowed her to continue. Sarah's biggest fear was going through immigration and she was right. I have to say, when we last went into Canada the agent was rude to us as well. All we did was a little sight seeing and spending of money on their economy.

Anyone have experiences going into Canada? So far our experiences have not been good.


  1. I apologize on behalf of my country. Relations between Canada and the US have been shaky recently... all schools have cancelled any trips to the US due to the possibility of getting caught up in the "travel ban" (even though it hasn't made its way through the courts). As well, it's not as if Toronto is hard up for churches or parachurch organizations that minister to all sorts of people... I can see the agent being a bit suspicious re: why the US is sending Christian groups up north.

  2. I've never had a problem, but we are usually just passing through to get to another state. Sometimes the border agents are very short and rude, but they've never given us a problem getting through

  3. I'm very surprised to read about Sarahs experience. Did she fly to Toronto Pearson (YYZ)? I have a friend who is pretty high up on the immigration officer chain and she would be absolutely shocked if the sole reason Sarah was held up was cause they accuse her of being Christian. It's totally normal that Sarah got send to immigration though as she is in Canada on a mission trip.
    Border officials seem to be rude/short/ whatever you want to call them. I have had negative experiences w American border officers while crossing by land on one of the crossings at Niagara Falls.

    1. I suspect that a lot of tourists go back and forth at the Niagara Falls area, I guess that would be a good place for undesirables to cross and blend in.