Monday, June 26, 2017

Finding Balance

Slowly we are finding our balance. Going anywhere requires a lot of coordination. We do employ the buddy system specifically for safety reasons. The kids all buddy up when going to the car and leaving the car. When we get to our location my husband and I take over. We simply don't have enough hands to hold crossing the street! 

Ypday was my birthday so we went to San Jose to eat. We took all the kids and two cars in case John had to take anyone home early. He didn't, all the kids did great.

The weather here has been wetter than usual. We work to get in swim times. All the kids love to get in the pool. 

Vaida continues to come and spend her one night a week at Mimi's house.

Our kitten is growing up fast!

Anthony and Larissa took it upon themselves to make some slime. They looked it up themselves, gathered the ingredients and even cleaned up by themselves. Growing up on me.

Benjamin is working hard on learning to swim. If you listen to the video at the end he tells me he loves me mostest. Such a sweetie.

We feel like we are in a holding pattern. Itty Bitty is supposed to be going to his grandmas in state and the other two have an aunt out of state who wants them. Grandma spoke up very quickly for Itty so I am wondering how much long it will be. Seems like it shouldn't take months, it has been almost a month already. The out of state will be quite a while from what I understand, we have never had that happen before so I am not sure. Guess we will learn.

Tomorrow, update on Emma and Michelle. Trying to get my gumption up to write about those struggles.


  1. Those of us who are in the trenches somewhat understand about Emma and Michelle. Others can choose whether to get it or to not get it and question you.

  2. I am one living in the trenches along with you and Kathy. People who require back story and explanations won't get our struggles, but it is ok. Just know you are not alone!!