Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Sorry to just stop posting, I got sick. Really sick. I normally get sick maybe for a 24 hour period at most. By the 4th day of being sick, and the only one sick, I realized that I had food poisoning! I can even back it to what place I ate at that no one else did. Well, I am glad that no one else did because it was terrible. My family is not used to mom being sick for so long but they stepped up to the plate. Even today my gut is still not too happy with me but I am functioning.

Actually a lot has happened since I last posted. We are down one child, it very quickly became apparent that physically all the younger children were not safe with one child here so she was moved to a home where she is the youngest child. Well, I hope that is the case. Sometimes DSS doesn't really listen to you. I am frustrated with getting medical appointments for some of the kids. All the local doctors want full medical history before they will see the child. I was given the wrong phone number for the sibling group doctors and when I requested it from the social worker I was told to google it. Ugh, I did, there were lots of offices with the name that they gave me of the medical facility. Great support I must say! I even sent her a video of a child showing her why I needed to get the child to a doctor, I have real concerns of hearing issues or something else going on. No response. The GAL called me today, she is coming tomorrow, I will address it with her as well. The county these kids come from is 2 hours away, I don't think we will take placement from them again, they are not supportive at all. Actually I wonder if they will move the kids to be closer. I know that I would get tired of that drive.

Itty Bitty is doing well. He got to the doctor and got his 2 month shots. He is growing, gained about a pound each week he has been here. He is still skinny as can be but finally has a little belly.

Sarah is flying out this Sunday and I haven't made her long skirts yet so I will be sewing the next two nights. She already picked out her fabric but my gut issues slowed me down. We are down to the last $350 in raising funds so will pay that off ourselves. She is excited....and nervous. I pray that all goes well for her and that it is everything she expects it to be.

The next weekend we will be heading to NC for a long weekend. We will be meeting up with Kathy like we did last year. I am not sure how many of my adult kids are coming this time around, so many of them are busy with work of school. It will be strange that Sarah won't be there.

In July we had plans to go to Gatlinburg for a bit. We had everything paid for and then I received an email stating that they were going to refund our money because a tree fell on the house. Well, we had a good deal on that and we can't match it so that has been cancelled. Not sure what we will do.

So our summer has had a wacky start, I sure hope that it starts to turn around! Anyone else with summer plans? Share them.....

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  1. Prayers for a full recovery! It's miserable being sick! So sorry about the DDS frustrations. Full well understand.