Thursday, June 22, 2017


Babynet came today to evaluate all three of our foster kids. Itty Bitty was easy, he is on target. He is reaching for toys, smiling and chatting.

My only concern for Little Miss is her speech. The evaluation showed that she is on target in all areas except for speech. However, to qualify for services she has to be 40% off the norm.  If you have two areas with deficits then each has to be 25% off. It was hard to tell if she .qualifies for speech services yet. She told me she would plug in the numbers and let me know later in the week.

Little Man, well she didn't do much testing with him. She watched him a few minutes, asked a few questions and said that he qualifies for services. She mentioned autism, I mentioned my concern about hearing. She brought out a big cow bell and rang it, he ignored the obnoxious noise. So she is recommending a hearing evaluation and an autism evaluation. She handed me a copy of service providers and said she would call me Friday to see which one I want to go with.

She left after noon and I wondered if the Urgent Care place I went to was not going to come through. I nagged the foster worker and she said that she will have the medical records by the end of the month. Apparently when requesting medical records they have 30 days to provide them. Surely they don't have many records.

Later in the afternoon I did receive a call from the doctors office. Their computer system had been down all morning and they couldn't access anything. We talked for a bit and I said that at this time I really needed a hearing test to rule out or confirm that hearing was an issue. She said that she would get him a hearing test and asked for his foster care workers name and number. She said she would call me back. I have gotten so skeptical about people calling back that I was shocked when she did. She actually called back with an appointment to get a hearing test tomorrow! I called my husband and had him take half a day off so I could take Little Man. A hearing test isn't something you can drag an extra 7 kids to.

Anyone do hearing tests for their children? I wonder if you get the results at that time or they make you come back for them later. I don't have a primary doctor for them to send them to!


  1. My 3rd child had hearing testing done when he was about 5. The doctor who did the testing sat down with me at the end of the testing and we went over the results. It's been a few years ago but I don't remember having to wait for any results. Good luck! I hope everything goes well!

  2. I have had hearing tests done with my littles at the ENT, and they gave the results right after.

  3. I am a physical therapist, also a foster parent, in SC. If Little Miss doesn't qualify for Babynet, she may qualify for speech therapy in an outpatient clinic, and Medicaid should pay for it if she does. Going to a clinic is probably not an option with your other kids, but just wanted to make sure you knew that.

    1. When Anthony came into our home his speech was very delayed. Actually so delayed that he qualified for Babynet services and then went to the school program when he turned three. However, we didn't think that was enough services for him so his doctor requested speech services. So besides Babynet he had speech at a clinic every week. It was very helpful to have both. I feel that Little Man will need more than Babynet services.