Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Deep Creek Continued

Saturday was a beautiful day. Before we left for Deep Creek rain was forecasted for every day. That didn't happen. If you look carefully at the pictures of the kids in the creek you will see lines of rocks. Those close in a space for the kids to play.

The water is very cold, warming up in the sun is required after playing in it.

We took our tubes and the kids took turns letting it just a little up stream and then floating to our area.

Anyone waiting to take their turn helped to grab friends/family floating by.

Ethan grabbing his daughter and Larissa. Larissa took Benjamin and then Vaida down the little route.

Sending a group down the river from the park.

Benjamin sat in my lap. He went last year but the creek put him to sleep. This year he was a big helper, using his stick to try and keep us away from the rocks.

If you put in at the beginning of the park there really isn't anywhere to flip over. If you walk up the trail and put in turning over is a possibility. Since I had Benjamin I wasn't willing to chance flipping over. However, when you get stuck on the rocks it is hard to get off of them! It isn't easy to get in and out with a kid on your lap. You need support.

Larissa was a huge help for me. She helped me out of several hard spots!

Our trip this year was very short but great fun. We got to spend some great time with family and friends who are like family. The little ones got to play in the water and various play areas. The older kids who weren't under restriction got to have a little more freedom and the adults got to play and visit with each other. We are hoping to go back next year after Tasha graduates.

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