Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I have been so frustrated. Since day one I have been working on getting the kids to the doctor. Every doctor in the area that takes their insurance has net been willing to see my foster kids unless I have medical records. I have told them that I really need my 20 month old seen and some referrals. So sorry, without medical records they can't see him. I have nagged DSS, nagged the investigative worker, the assigned social worker, the GAL. I have sent them videos of why I need the records. So far no records.

Since I am questioning his level of hearing I figured that at least getting his ears checked for obstructions at the local walk-in acute care place would at least rule out something. Last night I took him in. He has no obstructions in the ears and the doctor does agree that he needs some referrals. However, he couldn't do that, he says the primary doctor needs to do that. He is pushing for a doctor to see him. He told me that they would call me today. Babynet is also coming today and I will be curious to see what she says.

When we took kids from our own county we didn't have this problem. We simply took the kids to their existing doctor. We were able to get shot records and histories very easily. I don't have shot records or anything. I am beginning to wonder if he has even been seen anywhere! The biomom has admitted that he is behind in his shots and has given three places that they took the kids to.

He sure can ignore. He is 20 months old. Anyone have a child who consistently does that?

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  1. You may be able to be seen by an audiologist working for the school district.