Saturday, June 10, 2017


Well I thought I was on the mend. I was wrong. I was muddling along, not quite up to full functioning but faking it up until yesterday. The throwing up and everything came back full force. I actually called the doctor and made myself an appointment.

I even called my respite care provider who was going to keep the kids when we went to Deep Creek, she offered to come get the sibling group right away and keep them until we get back from vacation. We thought that having her keep them for a few days, bringing them back for a few days and then her keeping them again for a few days would be hard on the kids. We normally take our foster kids on vacation when we can but given their wildness and the location (on a creek) that we are going to we felt it was safer to have them in respite. We will be taking itty bitty, he doesn't get into too much trouble. At the time I called her I was thinking of Sarah, she has been doing a major share of childcare when I have been down. She is leaving Sunday and I didn't want her last few days to be taking care of kids, she has packing to do.

I felt so bad, when I arrived at the doctors office I was throwing up before I could even get into the building. Sorry to the man and child walking by! I got the diagnosis of food poisoning and she prescribed me antibiotics and an anti-nausea medicine. I went straight home and Jason went to get my medications. I have never taken an anti-nausea medicine before. I took it so I could take the antibiotics. Wow, that is some great stuff, worked like a charm.

My kids pampered me, brought me blankets, made me jello, put rags on my forehead, brought me teletuby, even the remote to the TV. Being sick and not contagious in isolation has its benefits.

When I was at the doctors office my husband texted me. He was at the podiatrist about his foot. He had foot surgery 2 weeks ago and they determined that it was infected. He was going to get his antibiotics and head home to bed! It was not a good week for us.

Tomorrow we are packing Sarah up, I hope to sew her a long skirt or two and alter some shirts for her. If everything holds up we will get it all done. I sure hope that everyone else is having a better summer than I am!

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