Monday, June 19, 2017

Deep Creek

We arrived late to Bryson City so we went to a local restaurant for pizza and then grocery shopping. Joselin drove up with us but the older kids had to work Friday and were coming up after work.

We normally stay at Deep Creek Tube Center and Campground but I decided to stay at Creekside Cabins this time around. Two reasons for the change, they have a house that accommodates 12 people and they have a little swimming hole that they have made on their property that is lined with rocks and is perfect for little kids.

The swimming hole was a big hit with all the kids. The water is very cold but they didn't care.

On Friday we rented some tubes and I dropped off a crew at Deep Creek National Park. They float down the creek right to our camp site. The float time is about 2 hours if they walk up to some falls to put in. We met with Kathy's crew so there was a good group floating down.

I went back and put dinner in the oven then took some kids who couldn't float down to the swimming hole and sat and enjoyed the weather and creek.

Not a typical camp meal but so simple. (Meatloaf, baked potato and broccoli and cheese)

After dinner Benjamin and I had a little chat over popsicles.

As night fell I made a fire just in time for the second crew to show up and enjoy some smores.

Some of the older kids played board games until it was almost midnight. After a volleyball game the adult kids sat outside and talked well into the night. I love that my adult kids enjoy each others company. We were missing Sarah though.

Friday ended quietly and everyone was in good spirits. The adults were discussing whether they wanted to go white water rafting or just tube. They decided to just tube and save money as well as spend time together.

In the pictures you will see my family, Kathy's family and our friends Angela, David and their son Chandler. Kathy rented two cabins at the Tube Center so we were all within walking distance to each other.

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