Monday, May 23, 2016

Dance 2016

This last week was all about pictures, practice and recital. It was a great week but I am glad it is over!

Larissa was in 5 dances and Anthony in one. This is Anthony's last year of dance, he wants to just do Boy Scouts next year. Emma says that she wants to do dance again next year. We will see, she says that after every recital then when the year begins and I tell her that if I go out and buy her all the shoes then she has to stick with it for the year she decides against signing up.

Larissa did a solo again this year. After the tears of last year I was happy that she wanted another go at it. I must say that she did great! She nailed it with her expressions and everything. It was such a relief for me because I knew how devestated she was last year with the errors she made. I had a friend come up to me and tell me it made her cry. I did too, this is the area in which she excels. Her learning issues and epilepsy are forgotten when she is on the dance floor.

We got to give Noah a little love.

We had some Joselin drama which I will do a different post on later.

The kids finish school this week and then we are on summer break. We have a few small vacations planned and hope to do some swimming soon, if the weather ever decides to actually be hot. It has been cool here then hot. I can't keep track of it.

Anyone else have end of year dance recitals?

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  1. Our rehearsals and recital are next week. I am excited and ready to be done at the same time. I have four kids dancing and the baby (she is 4) is having her very first recital. Such an exciting, stressful time!