Friday, May 6, 2016

Growing Pains

Everything at the studio has been going pretty well. Benjamin has gotten comfortable there and so has Larissa with her homeschooling.

Sometimes a sister is good for a cuddle when mean mommy says no.

Generally I have several paintings going at the same time. I paint at night at home and at the studio a few hours a day. We are only there 4 hours a day Tuesday through Friday for open paint.

 I had to paint that owl with a toothpick.

Tree of Life for fun, for me.

For a painting class.

Business has grown quite a bit. We had to go out and buy more tables, chairs and easels. We have to turn some parties away because we can not fit large groups in the studio. Our largest party we have had so far is 22, we have one scheduled for 25, possibly 30ish.

We have an area for smaller kids. When families come in there is always the quick painter who finishes fast. To allow everyone else the time to paint we offer a play area. It has worked out great.

We also had to order more aprons.

After they have finished their painting kids are allowed to go paint on this board and put their hand print on the wall.

Special order to purchase

Another special order...

Another special request for a painting party.

 Another special order

Request for a painting party.

We decided to have art camp this summer. We started with a week in June then grew into a week in July and another in August. We have lots of stuff planned so it should be a great activity for kids.

I guess that a painting studio was needed in this area. We do have a fine arts center but they are much more expensive. Last Saturday we were teaching painting classes from noon to 9 pm. We had two adult classes and a huge birthday party. Larissa and Sarah are great at helping out. I tried to let Anthony help last Saturday but he couldn't do it all day. I had a friend take him home early. Larissa stuck it out the entire day and painted with the last group. I have seen her painting abilities grow. Tasha has been a big help and leads some painting parties. It is nice to have family involved. I would have to say that we are greatly enjoying our new venture.

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  1. You have certainly found a need and filled it. Wish we were closer. I'm not artistic, but I'd love to try. We have some adult classes at the college for six Fridays in the fall and six Fridays in the spring, but there are always too many choices.