Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Neighbor

My neighbor issues have popped up again.We have a small fire pit and he has accused us of burning all our trash in it to include diapers. Not only that but apparently we do it 4 times a week. Uh, none of it is true. We use it very infrequently. However, he called DHEC and they are coming over tomorrow to check out our fire pit and take pictures. That is an annoyance and not even my biggest concern.

Today I had the kids out back pulling weeds to earn a Blizzard. I was pulling some weeds when I heard the kids whispering that he was watching. I looked up and he had his hands on the fence and was peeking over at us. When he saw me he walked away and into his house. The kids told me that he watches them all the time. He heard the kids talking among themselves and came to watch them.

Later Benjamin took off his clothing and went for a swim, the kids went and got their swimsuits on to go swimming with him. I could see the neighbor walking along the fence line. It made me think, how often is he watching my kids? How often does he watch them in their swimsuits while swimming and running around. He is watching my little naked 2 year old. I do not think it is normal behavior to look over the fence to watch your neighbors kids. From what I have read it is legal. He can look over the privacy fence to watch my kids.

All evening this has been eating at me. It feels like such an invasion of our privacy. I guess privacy isn't a real thing even in your completely fenced in yard. We will be putting up a secondary privacy curtain along our pool. It seems crazy that it is necessary.



  1. It sounds so creepy. Pity he hasnt got anything better to do than spy on your kiddos

  2. Some very fast growing bushes might help, even though it might take a few years. So sorry that even in your own yard, you feel invaded and violated. I would worry too. A lot!!!

  3. My friends had the same issue. They planted bamboo all along the fence line. It isn't cheap, but it grows very fast!

  4. (Something prickly, like holly bushes. Our holly bushes grow very quickly.)