Monday, May 16, 2016

Cut it off!

Larissa has a tender head. She also has a lot of very curly hair. As in a lot, her hair is very thick. It seems to have gotten thicker and curlier as she has gotten older. She does not like for me to do her hair. In tears she asked me to cut it. Really cut it, actually she was up for a shave job. She wants to be able to swim and have fun this summer without worrying about what it will do to her hair. She has already been swimming and I was about to do a major comb out.

I told her that I would cut it but that she had to get braid extensions for her dance recital. She agreed. It was so hard to cut all her beautiful hair off, but it is her hair. I worried that she would be upset once it was actually cut. Quite the opposite, she loved the freedom of it.


Did I say she had thick hair? I told this to her stylist. I warned her not to make the braids too small and not to add too much hair. She said that she understood and that it would take 6 hours. It took almost 10 hours....and guess what? She has thick hair.

If looks could kill, this is at the 6 hour mark and she was ready to shave it all off. I used bribery at this point.

Thankfully she was happy with the end result. She currently has a love/hate relationship with her hair. She likes that it doesn't tangle but she says it is heavy and itchy. After 2 days it has relaxed and no longer hurts her head. Will she do it again, perhaps.

For those who are curious, it cost $160 and I gave a $20 tip.

Anthony and I have been in a hair battle too. I told him that I was no longer going to cut his hair. I struggle to get the smooth fade that he likes. He has been to two local barber and didn't like either one of them. I said I wasn't cutting it and he said that I was. Hmmm. Out stand off lasted quite a while. I do believe that his hair was longer than Larissa's at this point. His hair is different than Larissa's, hers tangles easily at 2 inches, his does not.

Finally I took him into Columbia to a third barber. Ahhh, he liked this haircut and says he is willing to go back. Yay, he no longer looks like a neglected boy. So happy for boys, his cost $15.

Anyone else struggling with hair battles?


  1. I LOVE Larissa's hair cut! It makes her look very stylish! I can't imagine sitting for 10 hours to get my hair done. She must have been very patient even though she might have hated it the whole time. I can't see Anthony's as well, but from what I can tell, a really nice look. You are an amazing Mom Alicia!! My son will only go to one hair dresser. It takes us months to get in to see her, and he refuses to go to anyone else. I think it is because when we first moved down here to our town, my son was only 7 and she insisted he call her Aunt Connie, and she gives hugs just for walking into the shop.

  2. I'm so sorry I got your name wrong. Please correct for me!!?? I'm having a brain-less day.

  3. Yes. We cut 9 inches of Lexi's hair two weeks ago after a battle that involved her kicking me and threatening my life. LOL!

  4. Kayla sabotages hers. Right now it's shorter than Kaleb's!!! I had her get her ears pierced to add feminine