Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mom's Home

I started my day with a call from the hospital. My moms hemoglobin was too low and they wanted permission to give her blood. Later in the afternoon they wanted permission to do a scope. At 6 pm (as I was getting ready to head to the hospital) they called to tell me to come and get her. Huh? My mom went from needing blood in the morning to coming home in the evening.

She was delighted to get out of there. I was happy to see all the IV's off of her arms. However, I am a little concerned. She needed blood on Friday and then again today and they can't tell me why. I hope that she doesn't need blood again in a few days because I am not sure how I would know.

Benjamin was asleep before my mom got home, I bet he will be excited to see her in the morning. Charlotte came by in the evening to make sure that my mom was settled in well. For now, the bedroom by the front door is once again filled.

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