Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Well, it happened, we decided that Benjamin needed a hair cut. He wasn't so sure about that and had to sit on my lap.

Suddenly he looks so much older! Ahhh questioning the hair cut.

However, after a little McDonalds he was fine with it.

He has been working on those eye brow expressions.

He is always a little helper and is big on the "me do" phase.

He has discovered that there are more flowers in the yard to bring to momma.

He continues to have car accidents in the house.

He discovered a critter that the cats brought in.

 His favorite person these days is his daddy. He wants all things blue because daddies car is blue. He is his little shadow.

He has discovered the pool slide and loves it. 

He is slowly adjusting to a baby in the house. The other day I was holding Noah and I said to him that Noah is Kassi's baby. Then I asked him who was my baby and he said Ben. He is now letting me hold the baby without issues.  He is missing my mom and Charlotte and goes to her bedroom to check and see if she is there. He has gone to the hospital a few times to see grandma.

He has quite and extensive vocabulary and is working on his colors and abc's. He enjoys going to toddler time at the library but still cries when I drop him off at the nursery. We are contemplating a preschool program for next year and are thinking about using a Montessori school. He seems to be growing up so fast!


  1. Looks so grown up!!

    Our children *thrived* and *bloomed* like those hydrangeas of yours in Montessori.

  2. Awwww. He's all grown up since we saw him last summer.