Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tissue Paper Bowls

We popped our balloons tonight.  One thing we realized, the bowls that had been sitting longer had problems with the balloons sticking to the bowls.  Sarah's balloon, that she started yesterday, came out easily. We were able to peel the balloons off the ones that stuck.

The bowls have multiple purposes

As I look at these pictures I can see such happiness in Emma.  She is loving homeschooling.

After the popping of the balloons everyone decided that they wanted to do one, 
to include guests at the house.


  1. What are you really going to do with the bowls? Fill with something?

    1. I plan on actually using mine. Not sure if the girls will use theirs or not. I'd like to make some yarn balls to put in mine. We are going to experiment with smaller balloons and just a coat or two to see if we can put in a battery operated tea light and get a pretty effect for Christmas.